Journal of California Anthropology, Vol. 1, No. 2.

1974. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover. Contents: Kearney: Editorial. Supplementary Illustrations: Anonymous: Yumas. Cessac: A Chumash Shaman. Articles: Hicks: The Influence of Agriculture on Aboriginal Socio-Political Organization in the Lower Colorado River Valley. Heizer: A Question of Ethics in Archaeology--One Archaeologist's View. S.T. Pope: Hunting with Ishi--The Last Yana Indian. Aschmann: A Late Recounting of the Vizcaino Expedition and Plans for Settlement of California. Applegate: Chumash Placenames. Theodoratus: Cultural and Social Change Among the Coast Central Pomo. Reports: Laird: The Buffalo in Chemehuevi Folklore. Drover: Seasonal Exploitation of Chione Clams on the Southern California Coast. Comment: T.F. King: Flight to New Pigeonholes: Comments on Fredrickson. Gerow: Comments on Fredrickson's "Cultural Diversity." Fredrickson: Reply to King and Gerow. Item #996

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