Archaeology on the Northern Channel Islands of California: Studies of Subsistence, Economics, and Social Organization; Coyote Press Archives of California Prehistory No. 34

Coyote Press, 1993. Softcover. Contents: Glassow: Introduction: A Progress Report on Northern Channel Islands Archaeological Research. Johnson: A Geographic Analysis of Island Chumash Marriage Networks. Timbrook: Island Chumash Ethnobotany. Rozaire: The Bladelet Industry on Anacapa and San Miguel Islands, California. Glassow: Changes in Subsistence on Marine Resources through 7,000 Years of Prehistory on Santa Cruz Island, California. Bowser: Dead Fish Tales: Analysis of Fish Remains from Two Middle Period Sites on San Miguel Island, California. Wilcoxon: Subsistence and Site Structure: An Approach for Deriving Cultural Information from Coastal Shell Middens. Guthrie: Listen to the Birds?: The Use of Avian Remains in Channel Islands Archaeology. Item #600

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