Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology Vol. 3, No. 1.

1981. Back issue. Softcover. Contents: Taylor: Memorial to Ronald D. Douglas (1954-1981), Edward C. Gardner (1946-1981), and Bruce A. Jenkins (1953-1981). Articles: Thomas: How to Classify the Projectile Points from Monitor Valley, Nevada. Mathes: Problems of Ethnohistorical Research in Baja California. Echlin, Wilke & Dawson: Ord Shelter. Elsasser: Notes on Yana Ethnobotany. Clewlow: Rock Art Research in the Great Basin: Some Historical Comments. True & Waugh: Archaeological Investigations in Northern San Diego County, California: Frey Creek. Lee: The Rock Art of Soxtonocmu, an Inland Chumash Village. Layton: Traders and Raiders: Aspects of Trans-Basin and California-Plateau Commerce, 1800-1830. Reports: Jackson: The 1781-1782 Smallpox Epidemic in Baja California. Clewlow & Wells: Radiocarbon Dates from CA-MRN-152. Davis, Taylor & Smith: New Radiocarbon Determinations from Newberry Cave. Comment: Publications of Ronald L. Olson. Sutton: Corrections to ÒSome Aspects of Kitanemuk Prehistory.Ó. Item #533

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