Proceedings of the Society for California Archaeology, Vol. 6: Papers Presented at the Annual Meetings.

Society for California Archaeology, 1993. Original edition. Softcover. Very good condition. Contents: Fowler: Hermes Tristmegistus in Eden: Praxis, Process & Postmodern Archaeology. Hattori & Pastron: An Alternative View of California Archaeology. Erlandson: California's Coastal Prehistory: A Circum-Pacific Perspective. Hardesty: Historical Archaeology in California. Theodoratus: A Perspective on Traditional Sites. Bloomer: For Richer or Poorer: Analyzing Sierran Reduction Assemblages. Hanson: Preliminary Results from Sourgrass Site Testing: The Prehistoric Component. Kennedy: Archaeological Investigations at Site MRP-1196H: An Historic Garbage Dump in Yosemite National Park, California. Huddleston: Public Education and Field Archaeology: A Practical Guide for Effective Interpretation. Alter: Interpreting the Sabre Springs Site: How Everybody Won. Caputo: In the Limelight: Recent Cultural Resources Interpretation and Educational Efforts on the Sierra National Forest. Hylkema: Some Perspectives on Upland Settlement Patterns of the Central Diablo Range of California. Taylor & Brem: Late Prehistoric Ceramics from Afton Canyon (SBR-85) and Crucero Valley (SBR-3572): Indigenous or Intrusive? Hector: Archaeological Research at Los Penasquitos Ranch Complex: Summary of Studies Focussed on Site Chronology and Function. Reynolds: Garment and Jewelry Analysis at Rancho de Los Penasquitos 1987 and 1990 Field Excavations. Cooper: Architectural and Historical Survey of the Poultry House at the Los Penasquitos Ranch House: Preliminary Findings from the Fall 1991 Excavation Season. Beck: Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in theLos Penasquitos Canyon. Mirsky: Archaeological Data Analysis for the Toys Found During the 1987 and 1990 Excavations at the Los Penasquitos Ranch House Archaeological Project. Royle: Progress Report on the San Diego County Curation Facility. Waugh & Weigel: The Curation Crunch: Evaluation and Action by One State Agency. Schwartz & Rossback: A Preliminary Survey of Historical Sites on San Nicolas Island. Reid & Pritchard-Parker: Preliminary Results of a Replicative Study: Metate Re-Roughening, Pecking, or Pounding? Gross & Christenson: Archaeology at San Diego State. Raab: Twenty Years of Archaeology at CSU Northridge: From Student Club to Research Orientations in the Cost-CRM Era. Erlandson: The Historical Development of Santa Barbara Channel Archaeology. Sutton: A Perspective on Archaeological Research in the California Deserts: 1960-1990. Horne: From Search to Research: Prospects for Archaeolog on the Four National Forsts of Southern California. Martz: A History of Archaeological Research from the Perspective of the Los Angeles District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Noller et al.: Preliminary Results of Geoarchaeological Investigations along the Northern San Andreas Fault Zone, Fort Ross State Historic Park, California. Plymale-Schneeberger: Application of Quantifiable Methodologies in Ceramic Analysis: Petrographic and Geochemical Analysis of Ceramics from Riverside County, California. Arnold: Chumash Technolgy: New Discoveries of Uses of Imported Redwood and Asphaltum on the Channel Islands. Wojdak: A Regional Study of Changing Subsistence Strategies at Newport Bay, California. Vanderpot et al.: The Whelan Lake Site (SDI-6010): An Early La Jollan Campsite Along the San Luis Rey River. Laylander & Saunders: Donax Exploitation on the Pacific Coast: Spatial and Temporal Limits. Chartkoff: The Dry Meadow SIte (TUO-2604): A Possible Miwok Cattle Herding Camp in the Central Sierras. Dallas: Results of Limited Testing at SLO-977. Item #5277

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