Northwest Anthropological Research Notes Vol. 20(2).

1986. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover. Lohse & Sammons-Lohse: Sedentism on the Columbia Plateau: A Matter of Degree Related to the Easy and Efficient Procurement of Resources. The Bandon Burials--Symposium: Ross: The Bandon Case (35-CS-43C): Applying the Oregon Burial Law. Linton-Vogel & Hall: A Bandon Perspective on Site 35-CS-43C. Lindsay & Keith: Faunal Remains and Artifacts from Bandon, Oregon Site 35-CS-43C. Mace: Analysis of a Sea Mammal Canine Pendant. Hall: Skeletal Population at 35-CS-43C, May, 1986. Vance: Microdebitage Analysis in Activity Analysis, An Application. Moss: Native American Religious Use in the Pacific Northwest: A Case Study from the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Belcher: Coast Salish Social Organization and Economic Redistribution. Wegars: Flora Present at the Pierce, Idaho, Chinese Mining Site, 10-CW-436. Plew & Meatte: Comments on the Distribution of the Folsom Points in Eastern Oregon and Southern Idaho. Gilson: Cultural Resource Management and the Oregon Bibliographic File System. Item #5104

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