Northwest Anthropological Research Notes Vol. 09(1).

1975. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover. Special Issue: Pacific Northwest Historical Archaeological Research, edited by Lester A. Ross. Ross: Forward Through the Historic Past. Sprague: The Development of Historical Archaeology in the Pacific Northwest. Nesbitt: Historical Archaeology in the Pacific Northwest Investigations into Euroamerican Encroachment. Woodward & Archibald: An Unusual Historic Indian Burial from the Salmon River Estuary, Lincoln County, Oregon. Ross: Early Nineteenth Century Euroamerican Technology within the Columbia River Drainage System. White: Gunflints: Their Possible Significance for the Northwest Hudson's Bay Company Fort Umpqua, 1836-1853. Steele: U.S. Customs and the Hudson's Bay Company, 1849-1853. Atherton: Archaeological Investigations at Champoeg, Oregon 1973. Gehr: The Bay View Cannery-Skamokawa Village Site. Mead & Womack: An 1880/1890 Northwest Oregon Homestead Site (35-UN-71) near Telocaset, Oregon. Wahlke & Woodward: The Bottles from Baker's. Adams: Archaeology of the Recent Past: Silcott, Washington. Gaw: The Availability and Selection of Ceramics at Silcott. Grosso: Wood, Textile, and Leather Conservation Techniques for the Archaeologist. Item #502

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