Northwest Anthropological Research Notes Vol. 35(1).

2001. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover. Kopperl: Herring Use in Southern Puget Sound: Analysis of Fish Remains at 45-KI-437. Plew & Weaver: Implications of an Experimental Freshwater Shrimp Harvest. Merrell & Clark: Peeled Lodgepole Pine: A Disappearing Cultural Resource and Archaeological Record. Strong & Croes: Heat Capacity and Fragmentation Pattern Determinations of Potential Cooking Stones: A Case Study at the Qwu?gwes Archaeological Site (45-TN-240), Olympia, Washington. Carley: Letters from the Field: Alice Cunningham Fletcher in Nez Perce Country, 1889-1892ÑPart 1: Commissioner 1889-1890. Item #5019

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