Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly, Vol. 16, no. 4, October, 1980.

Pacific Coast Archaeological Society, 1980. Softcover. Very good condition in wraps; previous owner's name on cover. #13041. Carl L. Hubbs Memorial issue. Contents: Shor: Carl L. Hubbs: His Contributions in Archaeology. Shor: A Long-Occupied Midden Location in Northern Baja California, Mexico (SDM-LC-219). Ike & Roth: A Brief Introduction to the La Jolla Aspect of the California Milling Stone Horizon. Killingsley: Seasonality of Mollusk Collecting at Hubbs' Midden Site 1959: VI:28A. Eidsness: Description of Lithics Recovered from Hubbs' 1957 Excavation at Punta Minitas, Mexico. Tyson: Physical Characteristics of a La Jollan Skeleton from Punta Minitas. Merbs: The Pathology of a La Jollan Skeleton from Punta Minitas, Baja California. Moriarty: Climatologic, Ecologic and Temporal Inferences from Radiocarbon Dates on Archaeological Sites, Baja California, Mexico. Item #4984

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