Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology Vol. 18, No. 1.

1996. Back issue. Softcover. Contents: Articles: Preston: Serpent in Eden: Dispersal of Foreign Diseases into Pre-Mission California. Bunderson, Van Mondfrans & Henderson: The Baker Village TeachersÕ Archaeology Field School: A Case Study of Pubic Involvement in Archaeology. Jones, Beck, Nials, Neudorfer, Brownholtz & Gilbert: Recent Archaeological and Geological Investigations at the Sunshine Locality, Long Valley, Nevada. Raab: Debating Prehistory in Coastal Southern California: Resource Intensification vs. Political Economy. Wohlgemuth: Resource Intensification in Prehistoric Central California: Evidence from Archaeobotanical Data. Haynes: Evaluating Flake Assemblages and Stone Tool Distributions at a Large Western Stemmed Tradition Site near Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Bayman, Hevly, Johnson, Reinhard & Ryan: Analytical Perspectives on a Protohistoric Cache of Ceramic Jars from the Lower Colorado Desert. Report: Shearin, Loveland, Parr & Sack: A Late Archaic Burial from the Thursday Site, Utah. Item #484

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