Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology Vol. 16, No. 1.

1994. Back issue. Softcover. Contents: Hughes: Memorial to James Allan Bennyhoff. Articles: Parkman: Community and Wilderness in Pomo Ideology. McGuire & Hildebrandt: The Possibilities of Women and Men: Gender and the California Milling Stone Horizon. Schaefer: The Challenge of Archaeological Research in the Colorado Desert: Recent Approaches and Discoveries. Koerper, Schroth & Mason: Morphological and Temporal Projectile Point Types: Evidence from Orange County, California. Hockett: A Descriptive Reanalysis of the Leporid Bones from Hogup Cave. Reports: Shackley: Intersource and Intrasource Geochemical Variability in Two Newly Discovered Archaeological Obsidian Sources in the Southern Great Basin. Comments: Metcalfe & OÕConnell: Comments on the Presentation of Data in Archaeological Monographs. Glassow: Further Comments on Publishing Large Compilations of Archaeological Data. Item #450

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