Contributions from Orange County Presented in Remembrance of John Peabod Harrington; Coyote Press Archives of California Prehistory No. 53

Coyote Press, 2006. Softcover. Contents: Koerper: Preface. Spain: Foreword to Jack MarrÕs ÒJohn Peabody Harrington and Me.Ó Marr: John Peabody Harrington and Me:ÊA Field AssistantÕs Recollections of ÒThe Professor.Ó Sawyer & Koerper: The San Joaquin Hills Venus: A Ceramic Figurine from CA-ORA-1405-B. Koerper: A Rattlesnake Effigy from CA-ORA-1080. Woodward: Samuel Cary Evans, John P. Harrington, and the Nature of Cogged Stones. Koerper: The Aetiology of the Donut Stone and Its Symbology: A Case Study of ÒSexualization- Sacralization.Ó Koerper: EditorÕs Foreword to J.P. HarringtonÕs ÒThe Religion of the Mohave Indians.Ó Harrington: The Religion of the Mohave Indians. Koerper & Gundlach: Observations of Dental Health in Three Late Prehistoric Orange County Persons. Koerper, Macko & Couch: The 1953 National Boy Scout Jamboree: An American Self-Celebration on the Irvine Ranch, Orange County. Item #4403

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