Symposium: A New Look at Some Old Sites: Papers from the Symposium Organized by Francis A. Riddell; Coyote Press Archives of California Prehistory No. 6

Coyote Press, 1986. Softcover. Contents: Hoover: A New Look at Old Sites: SBa-53 and SBa-54. Glassow, Johnson & Erlandson: The Archaeology of Mescalitan Island and the Concept of Canalino. Wallace: Archaeological Research at Malaga Cove. True: Molpa, a Late Prehistoric Site in Northern San Diego County: The San Luis Rey Complex, 1983. Kowta: Grist for the Mills of History: LAn-1 and the Milling Stone Horizon. Elsasser: Archaeology on Gunther Island (Site Hum-67). Meighan: Review of the Borax Lake Site (Lak-36). Olsen: History of a Central California Site or What Happened at King Brown (Sac-29). Bennyhoff: The Emeryville Site (ALA-309), Viewed 93 Years Later. Fredrickson: Buena Vista Lake Revisited. Item #43

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