Studies in Californian Linguistics.; University of California Publications in Linguistics No. 34

1964. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover. Contents: Baumhoff & Olmsted: Notes on Palaihnihan Culture History: Glottochronology and Archaeology. Beeler: Venture–o Numerals. Broadbent & Pitkin: A Comparison of Miwok and Wintun. Callaghan: Phonemic Borrowing in Lake Miwok. Golla: Comparative Yokuts Phonology. Grekoff: A Note on Comparative Pomo. Haas: California Hokan. Halpern: A Report on a Survey of Pomo Languages. Hymes: 'Hail' and 'Bead': Two Penutian Etymologies. Joel: Classification of the Yuman Languages. Lamb: The Classification of the Uto-Aztecan Languages: A Historical Survey. McLendon: Northern Hokan (B) and (C): A Comparison of Eastern Pomo and Yana. Miller: The Shoshonean Languages of Uto-Aztecan. Oswalt: A Comparative Study of Two Pomo Languages. Sawyer: Wappo Words from Spanish. Silver: Shasta and Karok: A Binary Comparison. Swadesh: Comparative Penutian Glosses of Sapir. Teeter: Wiyot and Yurok: A Preliminary Study. Woodward: Hupa Phonemics. Item #3742

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