Reprints of Various Papers on California Archaeology, Ethnology and Indian History; Miscellaneous Publications of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility

Archaeological Research Facility, 1973. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover. Contents: C.H. Merriam: Indian Names in the Tamalpais Region. Waterman: The Last Wild Tribe of California. Redding: An Evening with the Wintoon Indians. Anonymous: Eagle Dance of the Mesa Grande (Diegueno) Tribe. Warner: Eagle Fiesta of the California Indians (Luiseno). Anonymous: Indian Agent Rust: Conflict of Interest. Anonymous: Cremation Ritual of the Luisenos. Davis: How Thoughts Can Kill in "Psychic Duels." Kroeber: A Kato War. Powers: The California Aborigines. Washington: Notes on the Northern Wintun Indians. Redding: Wintun Salmon Taking. Spencer: Notes on the Maidu Indians of Butte County. Kibbe: Report of the Expedition Against the Indians in the Northern Part of This State. Beale: Recommendations on Federal Assistance for California Indians, 1852. McKee: Minutes of Meeting of Treaty Commissioner Redick McKee With Clear Lake Pomo Tribelets, August 1851. Ames: Report of Special Agent John G. Ames on the Condition of the Mission Indians. Schumacher: Observations on Kjokken Moddings and the Finds in Ancient Graves in Southern California. Schumacher: Ancient Graves and Shell-Heaps of California. Yarrow: Report on the Operations of a Special Party for Making Ethnological Researches in the Vicinity of Santa Barbara, Cal., with an Historical Account of the Region Explored. Yates: The Mollusca of the Channel Islands of California. C.H. Merriam: Human Remains in California Caves. J.C. Merriam: Notes on the Occurrence of Human Remains in California Caves. J.C. Merriam: The True Story of the Calaveras Skull. Anonymous: Discussion of Mounds in California. Hudson: On Shell Mounds in Oakland, California. Ransom: Shell Mounds. Item #287

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