Great Basin Anthropological Conference 1970: Selected Papers; University of Oregon Anthropological Papers No. 1

1971. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover. Contents: Bedwell & Cressman: Fort Rock Report: Prehistory and Environment of the Pluvial Fort Rock Lake Area of South-Central Oregon. Marwitt, Fry & Adovasio: Sandwich Shelter. Bense: Cultural Stability on the Lower Snake River During the Altithermal. Delisio: Preliminary Report on the Weston Canyon Rockshelter, Southeastern Idaho: A Big Game Hunting Site in the Northern Great Basin. Riddell & Pritchard: Archaeology of theRainbow Point Site (4-Plu-S94), Bucks Lake, Plumas County, California. Adovasio: Some Comments on the Relationship of Great Basin Textiles to Textiles from the Southwest. Muto: A Stage Analysis on the Manufacture of Stone Tools. Thomas: A Cybernetic Modeling of Historic Shoshoni Economic Patterns. Nichols: Linguistic Reconstruction of Proto Western Numic and its Ethnographic Implications. Fowler: Some Notes on Comparitive Numic Ethnobiology. Zigmond: Kawaiisu Plant Name Categories. Brink: Some Aspects of Change in Northern Paiute Child Rearing Practices. Collins: An Analysis of Ute Social Change. Item #2738

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