Papers from the 1991 American Indian Languages Workshop; Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Occasional Papers on Linguistics No. 16

1991. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Contents: Elliott: Reduplication in Luise–o Nouns. Moctezuma: Reduplicacion, Acento y Cantidad en el Tepehuano de Milpillas Chico, Durango. Grant: Closed Corpora and ÒCircumstantial Evidence.Ó Epstein: Some Uses of the Demonstrative Clitic pu in Jamul Diegueno. Kellogg: Regarding the Meaning and Function of the Auxiliary Verb paa in Jamul Diegue–o. Redden: Accusative Locatives and Other Locatives in Walapai. Nevin: Obsolescence in Achumawi: Why Uldall Too? Muntzel: Ethnohistoric Clues: Ocuilteco Place-Names. Cook & Owens: Conservative and Innovative Features of Alexis Stoney. Hinton, Buckley, Kramer & Meacham: Preliminary Analysis of Chalcatongo Mixtec Tone. Meacham: The Phonetics of Tone in Chalcatongo Mixtec Couplets. Buckley: Low-Tone Spreading in Chalcatongo Mixtec. Hinton: An Accentual Analysis of Tone on Chalcatongo Mixtec. Dryer: Subject and Inverse in Kutenai. Tuttle: Metrical Structures in Salcha Athapaskan. Callaghan: Utian and the Swadesh List. Item #1694

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