Papers from the 1990 Hokan-Penutian Languages Workshop; Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Occasional Papers on Linguistics No. 15

1990. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Contents: Epstein: Nominalization in Jamul Diegueno. Achard: Lenition in Jamul Diegueno. Miller: Some Differences between Two Speakers of Jamul Diegueno. Kellogg: The Use of Auxiliary Verbs in Jamul Diegueno. Oswalt: The Perfective-Imperfective Opposition in Kishaya. OÕConnor: Suffical Aspect and Tense-Aspect in Northern Pomo. Mithun: The Role of Lexicalization in Shaping Aspectual Systems: Central Pomo. Buckley: Glottalized and Aspirated Sonorants in Kashaya. Gamon: Kashaya Swith Reference. Hall: Agentivity and the Animacy Hierarchy in Kashaya. Wash: Patterns of the Generic and Particular in Wintu Narrative Texts. Thomas & Shaterain: Vowel Length and Pitch in Yavapai. Munro: Aspiration in Tolkapaya Yavapai. Katz: Noun Incorporation in the Yuman Languages: The Relationship between wa- and ya-. Redden: Walapai Kinship Terminology. Langdon: Diegueno: How Many Languages? Winter: Non-Walapai Words in Walapai. Item #1693

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