Papers from the 1983, 1984, and 1985 Hokan-Penutian Languages Conferences; Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Occasional Papers on Linguistics No. 13

1986. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Contents: Redden: The Hualapai Auxiliary /Ði/, say. Shipek: Myth and Reality: The Antiquity of the Kumeyaay. Callaghan: Proto Utian Independent Pronouns. Callaghan: Miwok Cardinal Direction Terms. Jacobsen: Washo Linguistic Prehistory. OÕConnor: Two Kinds of Bound Anaphora in Northern Pomo: Are They Logophoric? Redden: More on the Hualapai Auxiliaries /Ðyu/, be, and /Ðwi/, do. Watahomigie & Yamamoto: Interrogative Sentences. Callaghan: Patridominance and Proto Utian Words for ÔManÕ, ÔWomanÕ, and ÔPersonÕ. Redden: The Walapai Verbs /Ž/. Callaghan: Miwok Ablaut Grades. Item #1691

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