Proceedings of the 1980 Hokan Languages Workshop; Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Occasional Papers on Linguistics No. 9

1981. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Contents: Bendixian: Aspects of the Rhythmic Structure of Cocopa. Oswalt: On the Semantically Interlocking Nature of the Kashaya Verb Prefixes: The Case of si- Ôwater, drink, tongue.Õ Caisse: Northern Pomo Verbal Suffixes. OÕConnor: Some Uses of Case-Markings in Northern Pomo. Gordon: Evidentials in Maricopa. Munro: Two Notes on Yuman Ôsay.Õ Webb: Some Notes on Hokan Person Terms. Klar: Proto-Chumash Person and Number Markers. Redden: Notes on Walapai Syntax III. Watahomigie, Bender & Yamamoto: Possession Expressions and Symantic Classes of Nouns. Munro: Mojave k and m: It AinÕt Necessarily So. Item #1687

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