Proceedings of the 1978 Hokan Languages Workshop; Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Occasional Papers on Linguistics No. 5

1979. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Contents: Webb: The Semantic Domain ÔtreeÕ: Hokan Lexical Evidence. Redden: Notes on Walapai Syntax II. Watahomigie, Powskey & Yamamoto: The Structure of Nominal Modifiers. Hardy: An Integrated Account of the Morpheme q in Tolkapaya. Hardy: The Development of the Pai Vowel System. Munro: Reduplication in Mojave--and Yuman. Oswalt: An Exploration of the Affinity of Wappo and Some Hokan and Penutian Languages. Bendixen: Aspects of the Rhythmical Structure of Cocopa. Item #1685

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