Proceedings of the First Yuman Languages Workshop.; Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, University Museum Studies No. 7

1976. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Contents: Langdon: Syntactic Diversity in Diegueno Dialects. Gorbet: Diegueno Case Making: Conditions of Optionality. Crawford: The Cocopa Auxiliary Verb ya, be located, happen. Mixco: Oblique and Non-Oblique Surface Case in Kiliwa Syntax. Crook: Yuman *t. Crawford: The Reduction of idu: be in Mohave. Munro: Mojave Modals. Harwell: The Say Auxiliary in Maricopa: Some Notes and Speculations. Slater: Not, in Yuman, I Say. Norwood: Kwtsaan lyvii as an Enclitic. Sundheim: Internal and External Heads in Kwtsaan Relative Clauses. Kozlowski: Havasupai Comparatives. Kendall: Yavpe Irrealis Constructions. Chung: Compound Tense Markers in Tolkyapaya. Shaterian: No More Schwa for Yavapai. Redden: Notes on Walapai Syntax. Joel: Some Notes on Paipai Object Order and Object-Marking. Yamamoto: Notes on the Interpretation of /-m/ and /-k/ in Walapai. Item #1681

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