Finding the Evidence: The Quest for Tulare Lake's Archaeological Past; Tulare Lake Archaeological Research Group, Contribution No. 2

1993. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover. Contents: Wallace: A Lost Opportunity? A Brief History of Archaeological Research in the Tulare Lake Basin. Beer & Whitney-Desautels: The Application of Geophysical Techniques to the Tulare Lake Project. Negrini & Blackwell: Dating Sediments at the Witt Archaeological Site in the Tulare Lake Basin by Correlating Paleomagnetic Directional Records: Work in Progress. Fenenga: Test Excavations at the Witt Site (CA-KIN-32). Wallace: The Luckey Collection from Tulare Lake. Hopkins: Archaeological Evidence for the Use of the Atlatl at Tulare Lake, California. Seals: Charmstones and Charmstone Caches of the Tulare Lake Region. Item #160

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