Northwest Anthropological Research Notes Vol. 16(2).

1981. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover. Cole: Franz Boas and the Bella Coola in Berlin. Chatters: Prehistoric Settlement and Land Use in the Dry Columbia Basin. Miller: Tsimshian Moieties and Other Clarifications. Glover: Horizontal Log Construction Corner Types. Archaeology for the Future: The Preservation of Archaeological Collections: Erickson: Introduction. Mauger: Archaeological Preservation and the Future of Archaeology. Williams: Curation Management: Ethics, Integrity, and Accountability. Stump: Archaeological Curation and the Law. Loy: Archaeological Collections and the Trash Bin Syndrome. Sprague: The Preservation of Written and Printed Archaeological Records. Short: Photographic Preservation for the Archaeologist. Huelsbeck & Wessen: Thoughts on the Collection, Conservation, and Curation of Faunal Remains. Item #1538

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