A Reprint of the Archaeology and Ethnology Papers Numbers 1-8.; University of Utah, Anthropological Papers Nos. 1-8

1950. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover. Contents: 1. Malouf: Prehistoric Exchange in Utah. 2. Dibble: The Ancient Mexican Writing System. 3. Malouf: The Gosiute Indians. 4. Smith: A Brief Description of an Indian Ruin near Shonesburg, Utah. 5. Malouf, Dibble & Smith: The Archaeology of the Deep Creek Region, Utah. 6. Smith: An Indian Burial, A Barbed Bone 'Projectile Point,' and Accompanying Artifacts from Bear Lake, Idaho. 7. Enger: Archaeology of Black Rock Cave, Utah. 8. Tobin: Archaeology in the San Juan. Item #1365

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