Archaeological Investigations at CA-RIV-1179, CA-RIV-2823, and CA-RIV-2827, La Quinta, Riverside County, California; Coyote Press Archives of California Prehistory No. 20

Coyote Press, 1988. Softcover. New. Contents: Wilke: The Natural and Cultural Environment. Sutton & Wilke: Archaeological Investigations at the CA-RIV-2823 Rock Cairn Complex. Sutton: Test Excavations at CA-RIV-2827. Sutton: CA-RIV-1179: Site Description, Research Focus, Field Method, Stratigraphy, Features, and Dating. Sutton: Material Culture from CA-RIV-1179. C.D. King: Shell Beads from CA-RIV-1179. Sutton & Yohe: The Human Remains from CA-RIV-1179. Sutton & Yohe: Terrestrial and Avian Faunal Remains from CA-RIV-1179. Swope: Plant Remains Recovered by Flotation from CA-RIV-1179. Farrell: Analysis of Human Coprolites from CA-RIV-1179 and CA-RIV-2827. Follett: Analysis of Fish Remains from Two Archaeological Sites (CA-RIV-1179 and CA-RIV-2827) at La Quinta, Riverside County, California. Wilke & Sutton: Summary and Inferences. Item #13

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