Archaeological Investigations of Some Significant Sites on the Central Coast of California; Coyote Press Archives of California Prehistory No. 37

Coyote Press, 1992. Softcover. Contents: Dallas & Breschini: Preface: California Archaeology for the Next Millennium. Dallas: Hunters and Gatherers at CA-SLO-977, San Luis Obispo County, California. Cooley : Observations on Hydration Measurements of Obsidian Deriving from Buried Deposits from Site CA-SBA-2028, at Gaviota, Santa Barbara County, California. Breschini & Haversat: Archaeological Excavations at CA-MNT-108, Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey County, California. Erlandson, Dugger, Carrico & Cooley: Archaeological Investigations at CA-SBA-97: A Multicomponent Coastal Site at Gaviota, California. Kirkish: CA-SBA-2389: A Possible Chumash Sun-Shrine on Vandenberg Air Force Base. Altschul, Ciolek-Torrello & Homburg: Late Prehistoric Change in the Ballona Wetland. Glassow: Changes in Prehistoric Subsistence, Settlement, and Technology at CA-SBA-84 and -117, El Capitan State Beach, California. Item #129

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