The American Indian Reader No. 1: Anthropology.

San Francisco: Indian Historian Press, 1972. Softcover. As New. Includes the following: The Anthropologist: The Man & The Discipline. Anthropology and the American Indian. Ortiz: An Indian Anthropologist's Perspective on Anthropology. Bea Medicine: The Anthropologist and American Indian Studies Programs. American Indian Historical Society: An Open Letter. Bea Medicine: The Anthropologist as the Indian's Image Maker. McNickle: American Indians Who Never Were. A Giant Step Between Two Worlds. Agogino & Kunz: The Paleo Indian: Early Migrations. Agogino: Man's Antiquity. Scientific Investigations: Archaeology. Edwards: Indians of Bodega-Tomales Region. Emerson: Petroglyphs of Ancient Man. Mathur: Death, Burial, Mourning among Western Iroquois. Riddell: Think Before You Let Them Dig. Early Agriculture & Economy: Three Studies. Parsons & Denevan: Pre-Columbian Ridged Fields. Lawton & Bean: Preliminary Reconstruction, Aboriginal Agricultural Technology. King: Chumash Inter-Village Economic Exchange. Einhorn & Liddell: Discussion: An Anthropologist as Bigot. Edmo: Native Archaeologists. Item #1044

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