Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology Vol. 7, No. 1.

1985. Coyote Press facsimile reprint. Softcover. Contents: Bean: Memorial to Carobeth Laird (1895-1983). Articles: Rowntree: Drought During CaliforniaÕs Mission Period, 1769-1834. True & Baumhoff: Archaeological Investigations at Lake Berryessa, California: Berryessa II. Drover: Navajo Settlement and Architecture in Southeastern California. Glassow: The Significance of Small Sites to California Archaeology. Shipek: Kuuchamaa: The Kumeyaay Sacred Mountain. Farber: Alternative Approaches to the Shasta Complex and Adjacent Expressions: Assemblages, Cultural Ecology, and Taxonomies. Raven: A Stone Alignment in the Northern Great Basin with a (Probably) Coincidental Astronomical Orientation. Reports: Koerper, Killingley & Taylor: The Little Ice Age and Coastal Southern California Human Economy. Erlandson: Early Holocene Settlement and Subsistence in Relation to Coastal Paleogeography: Evidence from CA-SBA-1807. Toepel & Greenspan: Fish Remains from an ÒOpenÓ Archaeological Site in the Fort Rock Basin, South-Central Oregon. Simms: Acquisition Cost and Nutritional Data on Great Basin Resources. Rudolph: Changing Shellfish Exploitation in San Luis Obispo County, California. Comment: Raven: Observations on the Review of Archaeological Investigations in the Sacramento River Canyon. Shipek: Correction to ÒKumeyaay Socio-Political Structure.Ó. Item #1005

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