About Us

Coyote Press was founded in 1980 by two professional archaeologists for the benefit of other archaeologists, students, and the general public. We have a large selection of publications and reprints on the archaeology, Native American studies, anthropology, ethnography, history, and prehistory of California and western North America, and our goal is to keep the cost of technical information as reasonable as possible. To meet this goal, Coyote Press has:

  • Reprinted over 1,500 "out-of-print" works (our reprints employ a high-quality facsimile format; thinner publications generally use staple bindings, while thicker ones employ velo binding);
  • Initiated several new publication series;
  • Stocked thousands of used books; and
  • Arranged with other publishers to distribute their works, often at a discount.

Coyote Press is always seeking additional publications . We urge you to contact us if you have (or know of) a quality publication, report, master's thesis, or other work which you feel should be made more widely available to the profession or to the general public.

The rock art figure on the masthead is "Sky Coyote" from CA-TUL-19. This magnificent drawing shows Coyote eating the sun, thus causing an eclipse. The original figure is approximately 5 feet in length.

Our name was selected from local Indian lore: on the central coast of California, Coyote was the bringer of knowledge and culture...and the trickster!