Agency Reports
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Reports in these series are facsimile reprints

Agency Reports--California

Agency Reports--Northern California

Agency Reports--Culture Change Along the Eastern Sierra Nevada / Cascade Front

This series was prepared by Far Western Anthropological Research Group, assisted by Archaeological Research Services and JRP Historical Consulting Services, and submitted to Tuscarora Gas Transmission Co. It describes work between Malin, in southern Oregon and Tracy, east of Reno, Nevada. Most work took place in Modoc and Lassen counties, California, and Washoe County, Nevada.

    1. History of Investigations and Summary of Findings, by Michael G. Delacorte, (et al.) (1997).

    2. Modoc Uplands, by Patricia J. Mikkelsen & Robert U. Bryson (1997).

    3. South Fork Valley and Madeline Plains, by Michael G. Delacorte (et al.) (1997).

    4. Secret Valley, by Kelly R. McGuire, (et al.) (1997).

    5. Honey Lake Basin, by Randall Milliken & William Hildebrandt (et al.) (1997).

    6. Fort Sage Uplands and Spanish Springs Valley, by Kelly R. McGuire (et al.) (1997).

    7. Pah Rah Uplands, by Michael G. Delacorte, (1997).

    8. Jackrabbit Tamale: Recipe for Historic Era Homesteading, by Barbara J. Mackey, Diane Fenicle, Stephen D. Mikesell, Ronald L. Reno, C. Lynn Rogers, Vickie L. Clay, Larry Hause, Dave N. Schmitt, Jeanne Albin, & Tim Purdy (1997).

    Appendices. (1997). Includes appendices on sites, projectile point analysis, chronological and sourcing data, paleoclimate, flaked stone analysis, ground stone analysis, misc. artifact analysis, and a master catalogue. Portions are included on 3.5 inch disk in zipped IBM format in ASCII as well as WordPerfect 6.0, dBASE IV 2.0 and QuattroPro 6.0 files.

Agency Reports--Archaeological Investigations Along the California-Great Basin Interface: The Alturas Transmission Line Project

This series was prepared by Far Western Anthropological Research Group.

    1. The Pit River Uplands, Madeline Plains, Honey Lake and Secret Valley, and Sierran Front Project Segments, by Kelly R. McGuire (et al.) (2000).

    2. The Pit River Uplands, Madeline Plains, Honey Lake and Secret Valley, and Sierran Front Project Segments: Site Reports and Data Appendices, by Kelly R. McGuire (et al.) (2000). Data appendices are included on a CD-ROM.

    3. The Alturas Segment, by E. Nilsson, R. Bevill & M.S. Kelly (2000).

    4. Wrestling with the Elements: Historical Archaeological Studies in Northeastern California and Northwestern Nevada, by B.J. Mackey (et al.) (2000).

Agency Reports--Central California

Agency Reports--Vandenberg Air Force Base

Agency Reports--Southern California

Agency Reports--Fort Irwin

Reports submitted to Interagency Archaeological Services Division, National Park Service, San Francisco.

Fort Irwin Historic Preservation Plan

Fort Irwin, Miscellaneous Reports Fort Irwin Archaeological Project, Research Reports

Agency Reports--Nevada

Agency Reports--Washington

(See also Washington State University Publications)

Agency Reports--New Mexico

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