University of California
Archaeological Survey Reports
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All publications in this series are facsimile reprints.

1. The California Archaeological Survey: Establishment, Aims, and Methods (1948).

2. A Bibliography of Ancient Man in California, by Robert F. Heizer (1948).

3. Methods of Recording and Present Status of Knowledge Concerning Petroglyphs in California, by Franklin Fenenga (1949).

4. A Bibliography of the Archaeology of California, by Robert F. Heizer (1949).

5. Methods for Archaeological Site Survey in California, by Franklin Fenenga (1949).

6. The Stanford Skull, A Probable Early Man from Santa Clara County, California (1950). Heizer: History and Circumstances of the Discovery of the Skull. McCown: The Stanford Skull: The Physical Characteristics.

7. Papers on California Archaeology: 1-5 (1950). Cook: Physical Analysis as a Method for Investigating Prehistoric Habitation Sites. Heizer: Observations on Early Man in California. Heizer: On the Methods of Chemical Analysis of Bone as an Aid to Prehistoric Culture Chronology. Meighan: Observations on the Efficiency of Shovel Archaeology. Mills: Recent Developments in the Study of Northwestern California Archaeology.

8. Trade and Trails in Aboriginal California, by L.L. Sample (1950).

9. Papers on California Archaeology: 6-9 (1950). Heizer: Observations on Historic sites and Archaeology in California. Heizer: Archaeology of CCo-137, the "Concord Man" Site. Lathrap: A Distinctive Pictograph from the Carrizo Plains, San Luis Obispo County. Meighan: Excavations in Sixteenth Century Shellmounds at Drake's Bay, Marin County.

10. The Archaeology of Two Kern County Sites (1951). Riddell: The Archaeology of Site Ker-74. Heizer: A Cave Burial from Kern County.

11. Papers on California Archaeology: 10-12 (1951). Heizer: A Prehistoric Yurok Ceremonial Site (Hum-174). Kroeber: At the Bedrock of History. Lathrap & Meighan: An Archaeological Reconnaissance in the Panamint Mountains.

12. Papers on California Archaeology: 13-16 (1951). de Cessac: Observations on the Sculptured Stone Fetishes in Animal Form Discovered on San Nicolas Island. Hamy: The French Scientific Expedition to California, 1877-1879. H.S. Riddell: The Archaeology of a Paiute Village Site in Owens Valley. Wallace: The Archaeological Deposit in Moaning Cave, Calaveras County.

13. Molluscan Species in California Shell Middens, by Robert E. Greengo (1951).

14. Archaeological Investigations in the Farmington Reservoir Area, Stanislaus County, California, by A.E. Treganza (1952).

15. Papers in California Archaeology: 17-18 (1952). Heizer: A Survey of Cave Archaeology in California. Wallace & Taylor: Excavation of Sis-13, a Rockshelter in Siskiyou County, California.

17. The Fossilization of Human Bone: Organic Components and Water, by Sherburne F. Cook, & Robert F. Heizer (1952).

18. Archaeology of the Shasta Dam Area, California C.E. Smith & W.D. Weymouth (1952).

19. Papers on California Archaeology: 19-20 (1953). Meighan: Preliminary Excavation at the Thomas Site [CA-MRN-115], Marin County. Baumhoff: Appendix: Carbonized Basketry from the Thomas Site. Squier: The Manufacture of Flint Implements by the Indians of Northern and Central California. Ellis: Appendix: The Terminology and Mineralogy of Chert and Flint. Tarr: Appendix: Terminology of the Chemical Siliceous Sediments.

20. Papers on California Archaeology: 21-22 (1953). Harner: Gravel Pictographs of the Lower Colorado River Region. Heizer: Appendix: Additional Surface Intaglio and Boulder Outline Designs in the New and Old Worlds. Heizer: Sacred Rain Rocks of Northern California.

22. Papers on California Archaeology: 21-26 (1953). Heizer: Sites Attributed to Early Man in California. Antevs: On Division of the Last 20,000 Years. Antevs: The Postpluvial or Neothermal. Heizer & Cook: "Capay Man," an Ancient Central California Indian Burial. Harradine: Report on Pedologic Observations Made at the "Capay Man" Site in Western Yolo County. Treganza & Heizer: Additional Data on the Farmington Complex, a Stone Implement Assemblage of Probable Early Postglacial Date from Central California.

23. Fort Ross: A Study in Historical Archaeology, by A.E. Treganza (1954).

24. Temporal and Areal Relationships in Central California Archaeology, Part I, R.K. Beardsley (1954).

25. Temporal and Areal Relationships in Central California Archaeology, Part II, R.K. Beardsley (1954).

26. Salvage Archaeology in Nimbus and Redbank Reservoir Areas, Central California, by A.E. Treganza (1954).

27. Sonoma Mission: An Historical and Archaeological Study of Primary Constructions, 1823-1913, by James A. Bennyhoff & Albert B. Elsasser (1954).

28. Papers on California Archaeology: 27-29 (1955). Robinson: Vancouver's California Bows. Meighan: Notes on the Archaeology of Mono County, California. Elsasser: A Charmstone Site in Sonoma County, California.

29. Papers on California Archaeology: 30-31 (1955). Meighan: Excavation of Isabella Meadows Cave, Monterey County, California [MNT-250]. Gonsalves: Winslow Cave: A Mortuary Site in Calaveras County, California [CAL-99].

30. Papers on California Archaeology: 32-33 (1955). Meighan: Archaeology of the North Coast Ranges, California. Baumhoff: Excavation of Site Teh-1 (Kingsley Cave).

31. Index to Reports of the University of California Archaeological Survey, Nos. 1-30 (1955).

32. Papers on California Archaeology: 34-36 (1955). Riddell: Archaeological Excavations on the Farallon Islands, California. Treganza & Valdivia: The Manufacture of Pecked and Ground Stone Artifacts: A Controlled Study. McGee: An Obsidian Implement from Pleistocene Deposits in Nevada.

33. Papers on California Archaeology: 37-43 (1956). Baumhoff & Elsasser: Summary of Archaeological Survey and Excavation in California. Riddell & Riddell: The Current Status of Archaeological Investigations in Owens Valley, California. Squier: Recent Excavations and Survey in Northeastern California. Harner: Thermo-Facts vs. Artifacts: An Experimental Study of the Malpias Industry. Riddell: Archaeological Research in Lassen County, California. Heizer: Recent Cave Explorations in the Lower Humboldt Valley, Nevada. Grosscup: The Archaeology of the Carson Sink Area.

34. An Appraisal of the Archaeological Resources of Yosemite National Park, by James A. Bennyhoff (1956).

35. Papers on California Archaeology: 44-46 (1956). Riddell: Final Report on the Archaeology of Tommy Tucker Cave. Cook & Elsasser: Burials in Sand Mounds of the Delta Region of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River System. Hammel: An Unusual Burial from Contra Costa County.

36. A Bibliography of Nevada Archaeology, by G.L. Grosscup (1957).

37. Papers on California Archaeology: 46-49 (1957). Balfet: Basketry: A Proposed Classification. Johnson & Johnson: An Indian Trail Complex of the Central Colorado Desert: A Preliminary Survey. Cook: Analysis of Refuse Midden Material from Site Ven-62.

38. Papers on California Archaeology: 50-62 (1957). Baumhoff: Catlow Twine from Central California. Pilling: An Incised Pebble from Lassen County, California. Elsasser: A Decorated Stone Implement from Mono County, California. Heizer: A Steatite Whale Figurine from San Nicolas Island. Treganza & Valdivia: Painted Shell Artifacts from California. Elsasser: A Steatite Dish and a Fragmentary Stone Pipe from Butte County, California. Heizer: An Unusual Antler Zooform Club from Northwestern California. Bennyhoff: An Antler Point from the Sacramento Valley. Bennyhoff: An Incised Tablet from Oregon. Contreras: An Extraordinary Central California Burial in Marin County. Merriam: The Hang-e or Ceremonial House of the Northern Miwok of Hachana Village near Railroad Flat, Calaveras County, California. Yates: Fragments of the History of a Lost Tribe. Merriam: Wintoon Indians.

39. A Comparative Analysis of Prehistoric Skeletal Remains from the Lower Sacramento Valley, by R.W. Newman (1957).

40. An Introduction to Yana Archaeology, by Martin A. Baumhoff (1957).

41. Papers on California Archaeology: 63-69 (1958). Heizer: Aboriginal California and Great Basin Cartography. Silsbee: Determining the General Source of California Olivella Shells. Elsasser & Contreras: Modern Petrography in Central California and Western Nevada. Heizer: Prehistoric Central California: A Problem in Historical-Developmental Classification. Elsasser: Aboriginal Use of Restrictive Sierran Environments. Baumhoff: Ecological Determinants of Population. Grinnell: Making Acorn Bread.

42. Current Views on Great Basin Archaeology (1958). Heizer: Dedicatory Preface. Baumhoff: History of Great Basin Ethnography. Wallace: Archaeological Investigations in Death Valley National Monument 1952-1957. Aschmann: Great Basin Climates in Relation to Human Occupance. Riddell: The Eastern California Border: Cultural and Temporal Affinities. Baumhoff & Heizer: Outland Coiled Basketry from the Caves of West Central Nevada. Bennyhoff & Heizer: Cross-Dating Great Basin Sites by California Shell Beads. Harner: Lowland Patayan Phases in the Lower Colorado River Valley and Colorado Desert. Bennyhoff: The Desert West: A Trial Correlation of Culture and Chronology.

43. Salvage Archaeology in the Trinity Reservoir Area, Northern California, by A.E. Treganza (1958). The Lagomarsino Petroglyph Group (Site 26-St-1) Near Virginia City, Nevada, by M.A. Baumhoff, R.F. Heizer & A.B. Elsasser.

44. Part I. Archaeological Radiocarbon Dates from California and Nevada (1958). Heizer: Radiocarbon Dates from California of Archaeological Interest. Grosscup: Radiocarbon Dates from Nevada of Archaeological Interest. Part II. Some Archaeological Sites in Western Nevada. Roust: Archaeological Materials from Winnemucca Lake Caves. Baumhoff: Excavation of a Cache Cave in Pershing County, Nevada. Elsasser: The Surface Archaeology of Site 26-Pe-5, Pershing County, Nevada.

45. The Aboriginal Population of the Great Basin,K.A.R. Kennedy (1959).

46. Salvage Archaeology in the Trinity Reservoir Area, Northern California: Field 1958, by A.E. Treganza (1959).

47. The Patterson Mound: A Comparative Analysis of the Archaeology of Site ALA-328, by J.T. Davis & A.E. Treganza (1959).

48. Papers on California Archaeology: 70-73 (1959). Hindes: A Report on Indian Sites and Trails in Huntington Lake Region, California. Davis: Further Notes on Clay Human Figurines in the Western United States. Baumhoff & Byrne: Desert Side-notched Points as a Time Marker in California. Payen: Petroglyphs of Sacramento and Adjoining Counties.

49. Papers on California Archaeology: 74, 75 (1960). Elsasser: The History of Culture Classification in California. Davis: The Archaeology of the Fernandez Site, A San Francisco Bay Region Shellmound.

50. Papers on California Archaeology: 76-88 (1960). Heizer: A San Nicolas Island Twined Basketry Water Bottle. Heizer: Some Prehistoric Wooden Objects from San Nicolas Island. Heizer: Some Prehistoric Bullroarers from California Caves. Heizer: California Population Densities, 1770 and 1950. Heizer Two Early Representations of California Indians. Ford: Notes on Excavations Made in Indian Burial Places in Carpinteria. Schumacher: Observations Made in the Ruins of the Villages of the Original Inhabitants of the Pacific Coast of North America. Schumacher: The Manufacture of Shell Fish-Hooks by the Early Inhabitants of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. Rau: Shell-Heaps Near Cape Mendocino, Humboldt County, California. Sutter: Part of the Correspondence Between J.A. Sutter and Col. T.T. Henley, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, San Francisco, 1856. Merriam: Data Pertaining to Various Indian Ceremonial Houses in Northern California. von Werlhof: Six Chert Knives from Tulare County, California. Kennedy: The Dentition of Indian Crania in the Early and Late Archaeological Horizons in Central California.

51. The Archaeology of the Sierra Nevada in California and Nevada, by Albert B. Elsasser (1960).

53. The Archaeology of the Karlo Site (LAS-7), California, by F.A. Riddell (1960).

54. Trade Routes and Economic Change Among the Indians of California, by J.T. Davis (1961).

56. Two Papers on the Aboriginal Ethnography of California, by Alfred L. Kroeber, (1962). (The Anthropology of California. The Nature of Land-Holding Groups in Aboriginal California.)

57. Cook, Sherburne F. & Robert F. Heizer (1962): Chemical Analysis of the Hotchkiss Site (CCO-138). Davis: The Rustler Rockshelter (SBR-288), A Culturally Stratified Site in the Mojave Desert, California.

58. The Archaeology of the Huntington Lake Region in the Southern Sierra Nevada, California, by M.G. Hindes (1962).

59. Elsasser, Albert B. & Robert F. Heizer (1963): The Archaeology of Bowers Cave, Los Angeles County, California. Reprints of Early Notes on Santa Barbara Archaeology: Hamy: The Fishhook Industry of the Ancient Inhabitants of the Archipelago of California. Bowers: Fishhooks from Southern California. Bowers: Aboriginal Fish-Hooks. Schumacher: The Method of Manufacture of Several Articles by the Former Indians of Southern California. Schumacher: Ancient Olla Manufactory on Santa Catalina Island, California.

60. Willoughby, N.C. (1963): Division of Labor Among the Indians of California. Sherwin: Face and Body Painting Among California Indians. Gould: Aboriginal California Burial and Cremation Practices.

61. Reichlen, H. & Robert F. Heizer (1964): The Scientific Expedition of Leon de Cessac to California, 1877-1879. Anderson: A Bibliography of the Chumash and their Predecessors.

62. Heizer, Robert F. & Albert B. Elsasser (1964): Archaeology of HUM-67, the Gunther Island Site in Humboldt Bay, California. Gould: Exploitative Economics and Culture Change in Central California.

63. Grant, Campbell (1964). Chumash Artifacts Collected in Santa Barbara County, California. Thompsen & Heizer: The Archaeological Potential of the Coast Yuki.

64. The Quantitative Approach to the Relation between Population and Settlement Size, by Sherburne F. Cook, & Robert F. Heizer (1965).

65. Rock Art of the Owens Valley, California,by J.C. von Werlhof (1965).

66. Notes on Western Nevada Archaeology and Ethnology (1966). Ragir & Lancaster: Analysis of a Surface Collection from High Rock Canyon, Nevada. Roust: Archaeology of Granite Point, Pershing County, Nevada. Freed: Washo Habitation Sites in the Lake Tahoe Area. Reichlen & Heizer: The Ophir Skull from Virginia City, Nevada. Ambro: Two Fish Nets from Hidden Cave, Churchill County, Nevada.

67. Elsasser, Albert B. & Robert F. Heizer (1966): Excavation of Two Northwestern California Coastal Sites [CA-HUM-118 & -169]. E. Heflin: The Pistol River Site of Southwest Oregon.

68, Part I. Merriam, C. Hart (1966). Ethnographic Notes on California Indian Tribes, comp. and ed. by Robert F. Heizer.

68, Part II. Merriam, C. Hart (1967). Ethnographic Notes on California Indian Tribes: Northern and Southern California Indian Tribes, comp. and ed. by Robert F. Heizer.

68, Part III. Merriam, C. Hart (1967). Ethnographic Notes on California Indian Tribes: Central California Indian Tribes, comp. and ed. by Robert F. Heizer.

69. Brown, A.K. (1967). The Aboriginal Population of the Santa Barbara Channel.

70. Papers on Great Basin Archaeology (1967). Robert F. Heizer: Analysis of Human Coprolites from a Dry Nevada Cave. Cowan: Lake-Margin Ecologic Exploitation in the Great Basin as Demonstrated by an Analysis of Coprolites from Lovelock Cave, Nevada. Ambro: Dietary-Technological-Ecologic Aspects of Lovelock Cave Coprolites. Roust: Preliminary Examination of Prehistoric Human Coprolites from Four Western Nevada Caves. Tubbs & Berger: The Viability of Pathogens in Ancient Human Coprolites. Follett: Fish Remains from Coprolites and Midden Deposits at Lovelock Cave, Churchill County, Nevada. Turner: Bite-Marks in Tule Quids of Prehistoric Nevada Indians. Jones, Weaver & Stross: Note on Indian Wood Carving in the form of a Grasshopper found in Lovelock Cave, Nevada. O'Connell: Elko Corner-notched Projectile Points as Time Markers in the Great Basin. Clewlow: Time and Space Relations of some Great Basin Projectile Point Types. Weaver: An Indian Trail Near Needles, California.

71. Papers on Great Basin Prehistory (1968). Heizer, Baumhoff & Clewlow: Archaeology of South Fork Shelter (NV-EL-11), Elko County, Nevada. Heizer & Clewlow: Projectile Points from Site NV-CH-15, Churchill County, Nevada. Clewlow: Projectile Points from Lovelock Cave, Nevada. Roust & Clewlow: Projectile Points from Hidden Cave (NV-CH-16), Churchill County, Nevada. Hoover: An Unusual Chumash Pictograph.

72. Wilson, B. (1968). Ukiah Valley Pomo Religious Life, Supernatural Doctoring, and Beliefs: Observations of 1939-1941.

73. Papers on the Archaeology of Western Great Basin (1968). Clewlow: Surface Archaeology of the Black Rock Desert. O'Connell & Ambro: A Preliminary Report on the Archaeology of the Rodriguez Site (CA-LAS-194), Lassen County, California. Cowan & Clewlow: The Archaeology of Site NV-PE-67.

74. Merriam, C.H. (assembled and edited by Robert F. Heizer) (1968). Village Names in Twelve California Mission Records.

75. Heizer, R.F. (1972). Check List to Reports of the University of California Archaeological Survey, Nos. 32 (1955) to 74 (1968); Check List of Contributions of the Archaeological Research Facility, Nos. 1 (1965) to 14 (1972), etc.

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